From modest origins in mid-1940s Southern California, the Fender brand ignited a musical and cultural phenomenon founded on innovative, even revolutionary, instruments and amplifiers that profoundly shaped popular music with their unique and powerful sound. The Telecaster® and Stratocaster® guitars, Precision Bass® and Jazz Bass®, and Bassman® and Twin Reverb® amps typify archetypal Fender milestones and a tradition of innovation that continues stronger than ever today.

Fender instruments are iconic – their names, their shapes, their sound. They’ve been an integral part of popular music and symbols of American pop culture for over sixty years. Their impact has been made on every style of music but they are most closely associated with rock and roll. Their creation coincided with the birth of rock and the Fender sound is indelibly etched into the music’s history. Many of the artists who have defined rock are themselves defined by their choice of Fender instrument.

Fender has left its musical imprint on every musical style of the last sixty years, but none more than rock ‘n’ roll and its many offspring; rockabilly, electric blues, Motown soul, folk rock, British Invasion, psychedelic, funk, heavy metal, arena rock, disco, punk, grunge, alternative and indie all share a common thread of Fender red.